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Our Experience Has Crafted Our Outlook

After 20 years, and over 200 projects, serving utilities with setting utility rates which provide funding to finance critical utility infrastructure, we'd like to think we've seen it all.

However, the cornerstone of our successful engagements has been the application of innovative approaches that are fine-tuned to each client's unique financial dynamics and operational challenges which also meet the stringent requirements of fair and equitable rate-making.

At the heart of each successful engagement is clear communication, of both the rate making process and results. Our many years of experience has taught us that our job is not just that of “number crunchers”, but of communicators and facilitators with, and on behalf of, our clients.  

Financial solutions crafted for our clients are the result of active, open communication of client goals and objectives and our strategy to meet those goals and objectives.  

Why Us?

Our clients appreciate the depth and breadth of our experience and expertise, combined with our technological and presentation expertise which keeps us on the leading edge of utility rate-making practice.

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